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Dr. Jennifer, I so wish your wisdom could reach those medical professionals who have been merrily poisoning - and killing - fellow humans.

BC, simple logic would have dictated a hard pass for a woman wanting to conceive or those carrying a child. Can't eat smelly cheese or some fish types. Can inject an untested gene therapy that underwent NO proper safety discovery. Literally none, says so on the package insert. They were encouraged to do so. Almost forced to do so. [Comment: This will be Thalidomide*1Million, or much much worse]

What were the legion of obstetricians thinking? First, do no harm? How many unborn children did they kill? How many expectant mothers?

I have no medical training. Never studied even biology. But to me, their approach has defined insanity.

Toby Rogers posits that jab injuries have functionally disabled the cognitive abilities of many (paraphrased). In the same span of decades that jabs spiked, environmental toxins of all kinds also went through the roof. Not sure about timings for water fluoridation, something even an Ivy League university conceded was neurotoxic. Ultra-processed foods, spiked. HFCS, too. A literal explosion of EMF.

We have a perfect confluence of events. Before we even consider the culture war. The war on families. Education. Faith. Values.

No wonder the propaganda was absorbed so easily by the masses. It too has come a long way with each development in communication/media.

We never stood a chance.

I'm not sure what the 'after' will look like. But we know what it can't look like. If it looks anything like the current system then it won't be fit for humans.

Thanks for breaking this down in an accessible way. I fear that these days so much meaning is lost in technicalities. The forest is lost for the NPs in the tree.


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Thanks Jennifer. The harms & death are intentional. See "Never Again Is Now Global" on CHD.TV

The eugenics freaks, who hate their fellow man, the same idiots in "War Against The Weak", are in the middle of a global de-population plan. Check out Dr. Denis Rancourt's work:


Real scientists using real data. 13 million people killed by the shots - and counting. Look at Dr. Walter Chesnut's work - the spike protein is an age accelerator, doing its damage by several mechanisms. There are wonderful natural remedies to help clear the spike.

Have a wonderful day. Thanks for all the excellent posts.

Peace. :-)

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It’s boggled my mind from the beginning how this product could have been sold as safe in any way for pregnant women. ON WHAT PLANET? On a related note I saw this video earlier today. I thought it was compelling. You would know better than I. Thoughts? ( she may only be selling product. Everyone seems to have a grift these days. ) (https://twitter.com/sabinehazanmd/status/1639852682008727553?s=61&t=lH_rsKkmPmuiCGnKLi_dtA

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My friend's wife had a baby last fall -- the doctors insisted on giving her a "booster" THE DAY BEFORE BIRTH.

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Thank you again for another informative article. I added this to my collection of studies. The work you and other like-minded doctors do to enlighten people is working. More and more people are getting the word about these deadly products. In fact, I believe the majority of people now know thanks to you and others.

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Thanks Jennifer.

This article is exposing the beyond horror & beyond evil that's still being committed.

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