We're going to have to adopt beautiful words from other languages since they keep soiling ours with their theft and prostitution of our best words.

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Shoot I typed my email wrong it’s gmail not fmail lol very interesting article

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A great reminder that the American people are being played by major influencers. It prompts me to want to bail off social media all the more.

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Thanks, I did all of that before sending you a message, and I could not find anything....

I used various search terms, keywords, etc. but could not find something...

Maybe I misunderstood... when you said (now paraphrasing) 'Pfizer in turn pays TNI', did you mean direct funding like a donation or grant to that organization, or did you mean that they (Pfizer) pay for there own advertising directly to various members of the TNI......

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Hi Jennifer, You stated " Pharma pays TNI to push their narrative" and I believe this is true, but is there any evidence I can get to support this. I am saying the same thing, but I believe the reader will want some evidence of it. Any info or leads would be welcome. Thanks

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Hi! This goes hand in hand with this:


And people like James Smith who ran Reuters getting a chair on the Pfizer board.

Corporate news - ugh!


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