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Any airline, or governing body that is considering plans to reduce the number of pilots in the cockpit, is also considering being guilty of mass murder.

Any airline or governing body that has mandated the vaccine, is already guilty of manslaughter.

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As terrible as the disabilities and deaths have been from these products so far (worse than covid for people under 60), we haven't seen the worst yet. Long term effects are just now starting to kick in. I hope I'm wrong, but I believe there will be hundreds of millions of disabilities, injuries and premature deaths over the next 10 years from these products.

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These are only the pilots.

What about other flight crew that are succumbing to these effects? If it is affecting pilots in such numbers, then it has to be far worse than this. And that's what is really the subtext here. We are only hearing about the tip of this iceberg. We see all these sudden deaths from athletes and pilots, how many more of these deaths and incapacitations are not being reported?

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Thanks Jennifer. Massive opportunity here for some quick moving entrepreneur to start an airline with 100% Non injected pilots.

The FAA's lunatic decision to move the goal posts regarding heart health for pilots is sheer insanity.

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Thank you Jennifer. Please see the latest from Denis Rancourt, PhD, and his team. How many people have been killed BY THE SHOTS globally? 13+ million.


Denis is the author of the amazing paper, "Masks Don't Work", in April 2020. I read it in April 2020. The paper proved that masks do absolutely nothing except harm people.

I was forced to wear a mask for the last time when I flew from Hawaii to California, en route to my new home state of Florida - over 2 years ago. Imagine living on an island in the middle of the Pacific ocean, watching people walk on the beach with masks on...... pure insanity.

Peace. :-)

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We need to follow up on autopsy data, even file FOIAs for federal employees to see if this might be the problem: Focal chronic myocarditis as reported by Schwab.https://www.clarkcountytoday.com/news/autopsy-study-ties-deaths-to-covid-vaccine/

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