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Lies, damn lies, and statistics. The C19 era has reinforced that dictum.

Attributions of deaths, trends, vanishing data, changing definitions.

I've come to see the continued C19 plandemonium as being sustained by the jabs.

As a layperson trying to see the forest;

- These things are a gene therapy, which were (barely) tested as a vaccine. Automatic fail, with so many resulting question marks it is a travesty that things proceeded. Talk about nudging, to accept such a drastic 'solution' for ILI! But what does it mean?

- It means each jab is like an infection, not a vaccination. Even forgetting about the PEG and SM-102 which are not fit for use in humans. They have framed our thinking so we don't even ask the right questions.

- The MRNA or AdenoVV trick their way in then make the ribosomes pump out a great many custom made copies of the (patented &) worst part of SARS-CoV-2, the Spike Protein (with some MiRNA bonus tails from the really long ORFs that target very specific things, was it ovaries?). This goes everywhere, which we/FDA/Fizer knew from rodents, with troubling concentrations in some organs. We know only because of that Fizer/FDA failure to conceal the data for 75 years. No different, certainly no better, than viral replication for someone 'exposed' to a virus. The whole body immune response to billions of those things hitting everywhere would certainly look like a serious infection. And that is nothing like a vaccination. There is NO attenuation. and there is literally NO limit on how much can be made. Sounds like viral replication, in effect if not mechanism.

- It anchors our immune system to Classic SARS-CoV-2, meaning what is left of our immune system after the draining impact of multiple shots, produces only an imperfect counter which might actually enhance the newer variants (ADE). Either way, it isn't going to help.

- The general trashing of immune systems mean that people will be sick more often, and develop illnesses. Forgetting about the sudden deaths of triathletes and elite sportspeople, healthy one day and gone the next. When the former (gradual decline) examples are tested of course they will ping positive. Omicron! Zeta! Whatever! Most bodies are teeming with the trash!

- The sneaky s*** done by Murderna/Fizer-BnT to waltz this alien poison past our internal gatekeepers mean that cancers and latent pathogens, shingles et al, are let off the leash. Dr. Ryan Cole had talked about this at length, an explosion of cancers, in number and growth rates. Like avgas on a bonfire.

And just like the unvaccinated were blamed for deaths caused in the first 14 days post-shots, now Omicron et al breakthroughs are blamed for shot injuries and deaths. Statistics, twisted for whatever message TPTB want supported.

The virus is in the vial.

Was the virus ever in the wild?

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Very interesting data re Australia and New Zealand. How is Israel faring? I'm thinking these three might be the top three in the world since their quack zine uptake is so high.

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