Thank you for helping bring these things to light. Here are some additional supporting data points:

Insurance CEO, Todd Callender says the real pandemic is NOW:

“I'm the CEO of a large insurance group, and we underwrite morbidity risk. Based on what we are seeing, the rates right now, excess mortality is at 84%, and excess every kind of disease at 1100%. We are expecting upwards of 5000% for this year.”


Life Insurance CEO Reveals Deaths Are Up 40% Among Working People: "Just unheard of” (The Epoch Times):

"...in 2021, Lincoln National reported a 163 percent increase in death benefits that were paid out under their group life insurance policies."


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Well, if insurance companies keep "fulfilling their purpose" in this way, in pretty short order, they won't be able to. It's just arithmetic...Unless, of course, they increase their rates to the point of unaffordability/blowing cost/benefit out of the water.

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