The VP of the Medical Records/Billing department did pretty well in April 2020. She just so happens to have also been a donor to the Hochul and Biden campaigns. The NY Attorney General lives in her neighborhood, and their kids go to the Academy for Wonderful People. Her trans daughter is captain of the field hockey team. Her husband is on the Board of Directors of the Westchester County Community Foundation. This is of course a fictional account.

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Kids, cracked open the Bible for guidance...

This deception going on seemed so deep, large and ongoing, well organized...

Truth is gained from repetitive reading, application...

We know the end...

Decide where you want to be...

On the side of the darkness covering the planet or otherwise.

Its always been a simple choice.

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It was premeditated murder in NYC and elsewhere. I recall reading "Undercover Epicenter Nurse" - full details on the pay-to-murder scheme at Elmhurst Hospital in NYC. The governor, Cuomo - a petty criminal, banned hydroxychloroquine in the state of New York. When you are stupid, you do stupid stuff. The criminals must be held responsible; they are inhumane pieces of shit. Peace.

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Let's not forget, if you had a sniffle you ran to the hospital and they put you on a ventilator to slow the spread. 95% of the people put on ventilators, never came off. Not sure where that policy came from, but that person should probably be looked into. If for no other reason, to be sure they never get put in a position to make another decision again in their incompetent lives.

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Try hospital protocols: Ventilators, lack of care, nursing home fatal abuse. Stupid government.

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I keep reading from various authors that hospitals were paid (I don't know who was paying) for COVID deaths. Maybe the hospitals just made up the numbers to get extra cash? So many other things about the COVID 19(84) episode were fake. The wet market, the bat soup, all the variations of the mask edicts, the vaccine will stop the spread, 2 weeks to "flatten the curve", pandemic of the unvaccinated, etc. All lies. Why should the casualty count be any different? Just another lie.

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Nothing to see here!

Just like 2020.

We're all delusional.

/sarc off

Follow the science.

Follow the money.

Keep your head on a swivel.

They will try it again - very soon.

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Thank you for this.

Get free, stay free.

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This week's column by Ann Coulter (Cuomo Aide: How We Killed New York) is relevant.

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What’s interesting is that Jessica Hockett ( @wood_house76 ) who has contributed to this research as part of the group has been blocked on Twitter/X by Jay Battacharya, Ethical Skeptic, and Alex Berenson Her most recent YouTube interview was taken down. ( here is back up) https://www.bitchute.com/video/ddEPf9TH7rlv/ Oh! And Naomi Wolf worked extra hard in an interview Jessica did with her to tell her and the viewing audience that NOTHING was fishy about the all cause death reports in NYC in spring 2020 and that exposure of under covered facts and data would never get media attention.

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