Just saw a go fund me for a 2 month old baby - sudden death. Seems that there’s been a lot of unexplained sudden death across all age categories right now. - Along with mysterious disabilities. 😱

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Jun 27, 2022Liked by Jennifer Brown

Yep. Coworker with a blood clotting disability for the rest of his life on Eliquis. His doc was awesome and ran a lot of tests to conclude it wasn’t his health that caused it but the jab. Coworker lost her healthy baby at 7mo after it. Then a neighbor that died shortly after 2nd dose. Doctor that was a triathlete now limited in his abilities. (But still pushes the stupid thing)

Not rare 😢

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Buckle up buttercups & Get with God.

The evil is real, it's along side us, always has been; now it's cloaked as "modern day medicine".

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