Grim: "We quantify the overall all-ages vDFR for the 17 countries to be (0.126 ± 0.004) %,

which would imply 17.0 ± 0.5 million COVID-19 vaccine deaths worldwide, from 13.50

billion injections up to 2 September 2023. This would correspond to a mass iatrogenic

event that killed (0.213 ± 0.006) % of the world population (1 death per 470 living

persons, in less than 3 years), and did not measurably prevent any deaths."


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Key take aways! Thank you Jennifer. Peace.

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Devastating. I am sending to my colleagues some who are still recommending boosters particularly to the "higher risk" and the elderly. This white paper should be a required CME for all FPs, Pediatricians and internists, and included in informed consent discussions

The biblio is also very handy also for the many many severe ASEs that are documented by pathology and other objective measures.

Doctors should have done a better job both in informing ourselves and our patients.

Wait...it isn't over!!!

Moderna and Pfizer are building multiB$ Mrna manufacturing plants as I write this. CDC is brainwashing us to get the new boosters even though they are not "custom designed" for the latest fearful variant.

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Thank you Jennifer. Dr. Rancourt's work is eye-opening for those people who choose to read it carefully. Thank you for always telling the truth. Peace.

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WOW! That's an amazing report on multiple levels. So well researched, so well organized, and the graphs tell the tale. Thanks for this.

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Thankyou. This is rather shocking. Worse than I thought!

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