May God bless Ryan; rest in peace young man. "There is no mercy for what the powers that be have done." - there must be justice for all the premeditated murder. Thank you Jennifer. Peace.

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Nobody even asks the question; was he "vaccinated"? Was he forced to be "vaccinated"? They will continue to push this poison as long as even the parents of their victims remain silent.

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From new account:

Medical staff managed to get Reed’s pulse back, and he was taken to the ICU, where he remained until he died one week later.

The family further stated that the cardiac arrest was due to “an undetected genetic heart condition and a large, loving heart.”

They’ll never really know....

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It will be decade(s) before we stop seeing this tragedy.

This will only occur if Big Pharma's jab liability exemption is repealed and they face consequences

in civil courts before a JURY.

If not this will go on forever.

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Just horrible

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Played at NDSU and UMD.

University of Minnesota-Duluth Football Player Reed Ryan Dies Unexpectedly at 22https://www.breitbart.com/sports/2023/11/29/university-of-minnesota-duluth-football-player-reed-ryan-dies-unexpectedly-at-22/

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